Japan Strategic Capital Co., Ltd. hosted its first meet-up event of the Smart Mobility Forum in May 22nd, 2018 at “hoops link tokyo” (http://hoops-link-tokyo.com/), with fully supported by the Corporate Advisory Division of Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation at Shibuya hoops link tokyo. In the 1st Forum, The keynote speech was held by Professor Hirofumi Aoki, Institute of Innovation for Future Society of the National Nagoya University. We also invited Mizuhito Terashima as a main speaker, a young entrepreneur and CEO of CuboRex, a next generation mobility start-up, which awarded the James Dyson Award in 2017. Many corporate leaders in automobile and other industries also participated, and we were able to lead active and interactive discussions between large corporations and the startup company.

The purpose of this Forum is to encourage mobility industry to promote innovation by retracting innovative ideas from other industries and startup companies. We plan to host such events monthly or bi-monthly basis. In the future we will expand these activities,  not only for Japan, but also expanding target start-up companies such as in Europe and in Asia, aiming to form a global community.

For inquiries about Smart mobility forum, please contact Japan Strategic Capital Co., Ltd. (info@jstrategic.co.jp  Sato, Saito).